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Dauben Family Tree

Updated July 07, 2007
Phillip Dauben
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William Wickliffe Vaughn (Great Grandpa) and Dr. Brinkley.

This horse helped the family through the depression by $10 stud fees (one year he sired 30 colts and WW Vaughn raised 3 colts that sold for $100).

Charles, Minnie, George, Ida, and Ed Hardtarfer

Hattie Bloombaugh

Dennis, Cheryl, Phillip, Amy, and Jennifer Dauben (50 KB)

Clyde Dauben 1937 (Grandpa) (34 KB) Jefferson City, MO.

Fred and Gertrude Dauben (Great Grandpa and Grandma) (10 KB)

William Ferdinand Dauben (Great Great Grandpa) (11 KB)

Mary and William Ferdinand with Kathleen (Great Great Gma & Gpa w/ Grandbaby) (7 KB)

Fred Dauben (Great Grandpa) (44 KB)

William Ferdinand and Mary Dauben (Great Great Gpa and Gma) (51 KB)

Burg Hemmersbach (70 KB)

Burg Hemmersbach






John Pettit - 1st Lieutenant Wisconsin 14th Regiment, Company K, Union

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